Learning While Flying - A Simulation Based Case Study

Christopher Roper, Alain Santos, Andrew Pirrello, Adeel Khalid, Ayse Tekes Kennesaw State University

Robust and Cost Efficient Method for Fabrication of Tungsten Tips for Scanning Tunneling Microscopy

Bahar Meshkat, Hanieh Niroomand, Dipyendu Mukherjee, Bamin Khomami University of Tennessee

Sixth Sense Art Table

Jamie Bowers, Morgan Young, Tyler Nichols, Mario Manzo University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Horse Arena Water Sprayer

Mark Sharrar, Cody O'Loughlin, Ben Leitner, Immanuel Sandryka, Sean Conway University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Motion-based Control System: Proof-of-Concept Implementation on Robotics via Internet-of-Things (IoT) Technologies

Deja Jackson, Zoe Cesar, Jacob Martinez, Meng Han, Selena He Kennesaw State University

Study of Shear Wave Velocity in Upper 100 of Sites in Greater Charleston Area

Alaa-Aldeen Abukhdair, Emmett Smith The Citadel

Food for Thought

Mizzani Walker-Holmes Georgia Institute of Technology

A Data-Driven Framework for the Advancement of Disabled Persons

Mizzani Walker-Holmes, Meng Han Kennesaw State University

Automated Precipitation Sampler (APS)

Chinh Do, Kristopher Lyles, Frederik Washburn Jacksonville University

The Response of Fuzzy Electronics to Ionizing Radiation

Simar Singh, Daniel Loveless University of Tennessee Chattanooga

Jacksonville University Compost Initiative

Christopher Nichols, Amber Garzon, Hanny Mena Smith, Austin Kelm Jacksonville University

A Real Time Mobil Robot Control Using Bio-Signals of the Human Forearm

S. Aya Jones, Erkan Kaplanoglu, Erdem Erdemir, S. Keith Hargrove Tennessee State University

A SCADA system for an Experimental Renewable Energy Setup

Briana Kemp, Erdem Erdemir, S. Keith Hargrove, Erkan Kaplanoglu Tennessee State University

DustDuino: Developing a Low-cost Air Pollution Monitoring Apparatus

Timothy Hood, Rebecca Etter Mercer University

Exploration of Airborne Wind Energy Systems

Teresa Ng, Fazil Najafi University of Florida

Phantom Iron Drone

Sergio Rodriguez Alvarez, Ricardo Robalino Garcia Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

A Contemporary Approach for CT Image Segmentation

Dequan Medina Fort Valley State University

A Homogeneity-based Region Growing Algorithm for Organ Segmentation

Alysia Irwin Fort Valley State University

A Final Analysis of SLA-aBLe, Second Language Acquisition Applied to a Blended Learning of Programming Languages

Paula Sanjuan Espejo Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Ground Vibration Test of a Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Luca De Beni Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Non-STEM Engagement, The Clemson Makerspace

Nolan Hoolachan, Haley McKee Clemson Makerspace

Designing a New York State Department of Health Site Plan for MBL Engineering

Tanner Docteur, Heather Hayes SUNY Jefferson

Design and Assessment of HVAC and Plug Loads for a Campus Energy Master Plan

Caitlyn McDowell SUNY Jefferson

Development and Testing of a Liquid Oxygen/RP-1 Liquid Rocket Engine

Karson Holmes, Brett Austin, Britton Reynolds, Daniel Parsons, Michael Baker, Dexter Harvey, Stephen Tsiu The University of Alabama

Design of the Embry-Riddle High Altitude Science Engineering Rig

Ankit Rukhaiyar, Jonathon Nadeau, Diego Gonzalez Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Saliency Object Detection based on Detail Preservation of Morphological Operations

Kaleb Smith, Chunhua Dong Fort Valley State University

Design of Wireless Triangulation Mechanism for Distance Measurement Automation

Christopher Milligan, Devin Moser SUNY Jefferson Community College

Developing a Regional FIRST Robotics Mentoring Program for K-12 Teachers in Northern New York

Aaron Richardson SUNY Jefferson

Emergency Evacuation Route: A Case Study of Irma

Lorraine Acevedo Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Aviation Design Early Design Exposure for Students by Students

Rayon Harris, Arthur Rakowski American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Hurricane Emergency Management Review: A Critical Review

Nathan Binder, Melinda Singleton, Cheyenne Moghadam, Fazil Najafi University of Florida

Sustainable Management of the Aging Water and Wastewater Infrastructure in the United States

Justin Berner, Charles Snodgrass, Brennan J. Schneider, Fazil Najafi University of Florida

Low-Cost Green Energy Solutions: Geothermal Heat Pump Systems Using Manually Drilled Wells

Kyla Semmendinger, Andrew Kelley, Joseph Dusseau, Monica Resto, Michael MacCarthy Mercer University

Mechanical Engineering for the International Humanitarian Sector: Development of a Passive Insulation Packaging Solution

Ryan Monty, Holly Berns

Zachary Martin, Katelyn Dimopoulos Mercer University

Design and Development of Two Networks of a Wearable e-Health System

Aaron Floyd, Bailey Holbrooks, Fred Washburn, Huihui Wang Jacksonville University

Co-curricular and Extracurricular Experiences of NSF-supported Scholars

Huihui Wang, Cindy Leong, Crandall Maines, Misha Chalkley, Bailey Holbrooks, Lee Ann Clements Jacksonville University

Fabrication and Characterization of an Ionic Polymer Metal Composite

Nolan Carney, Kevin Coyle, Precious Faniyi, Zhaoyang Huang, Huihui Wang Jacksonville University

Use of Sugar Cane Ash in The Production of Concrete: A Critical Review

Jessica Diaz, Isabela Noury, Jude Lori Saint Rome, Justin A. Tagle, Fazil Najafi University of Florida

Study of the Erosion Behavior for Metallic and Polymeric

Materials Coated and Uncoated

Zachery Grantham, Ali Alshahrani Mercer University

Renewable Energy Systems Meeting The Future Needs: Review

Abdulmajjid Alrashidy, Brandeus Davis, Dr. Fazil Najafi, Nick Sargent,

Sam Ciminello University of Florida

Arduino Controlled Ultrasound Beam Profile Measurement


Dakota Booth Mercer University; Benjamin Hage, Max Twedt, Greg Bashford University of Nebraska-Lincoln